Thermguard Roof Insulation

Holley Harveytile also specialises in the installation of THERMGUARD CELLULOSE FIBRE INSULATION, which is blown into your ceiling area creating a seamless blanket where no heat gains or losses can occur. Thermguards excellent insulating qualities create high thermal resistance and minimize the movement of heat through the material – this provides a barrier against heat that builds up in your roof during summer, keeping your house cool and serves to retain heat generated within your home in winter, therefore reducing energy costs used to keep your house warm.

Thermguard Insulation is as green as it gets – manufactured from 80% recycled newsprint! This Environmentally Friendly composition, in combination with energy conserved through the use of Thermguard in buildings, reduce the burning of fossil fuels that create greenhouse gases.

Other benefits of Thermguard Insulation include:

  • Noise Reduction
  • Fire Retardant qualities
  • Resistance to Insects and Rodents

Thermguard Cellulose Fibre thickness specifications are in compliance with “SANS 10400-XA: ENERGY USAGE IN BUILDINGS” law.